Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Pick yourself up off the floor!

What a day it's been.

Endless redialling and initial failure in the morning.

A customer's server's broken (not my fault! Honest!) so the evening off I'd hoped for has been ruined... 

On the bright side, I passed my first BSL Exam (BSL101) 17/18 scored...

Meanwhile, in other news, today I've been accepted on the first stage on the path to receiving a Hearing Dog. Many hurdles to come but my foot is in the door. 

Here is the email I received in my Inbox at 3.40pm (I didn't get to read it until half-five due to work - blame the knackered server!) :
Good afternoon,

Thank you for applying for a hearing dog. I am pleased to write and confirm you have been successful in applying for a hearing dog.

An Application and Partnership Advisor will contact you directly within the next week to ask you for more information and to tell you what happens next.

Your Advisor need you to send them an audiogram showing your hearing test results. This needs to be sent to us by the 30th April in order to continue with your application.
If you do not have your hearing test results then your Audiologist can send them to you. If you have not had a hearing test before then please book an appointment with an Audiologist as soon as you can.

We do have a large number of people to contact so this may not be straight away. If you have any questions before your Advisor contact you then please contact us.

I am so pleased to welcome you to the application process and my team are looking forward to speaking with you.
So, all the email preparation paid off and the disappointment of not being able to be accepted in the morning's flurry is now banished to the recesses of my mind like a spoiled rag banished to the rubbish bin to be replaced with feelings of hope and, dare I say, joy!

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