Friday, 4 April 2014

Still stunned...

Still can't quite believe I'm on the list and still enjoying reading all the good wishes from all my friends sent before and after the confirmation of acceptance.

I looked at my phone this afternoon and discovered that I'd redialled the application line 94 times! 

Wow, didn't realise it was that many!

Anyway, here's some of the good wishes I've had from my FaceBook friends since Tuesday (these plus 44 likes) that shows just how important Facebook is to me for keeping in touch and boosting my morale (I don't get out a huge amount for various reasons). Thank you all for your good wishes, it means a great deal!
Jacky : Great news
Kevin : Bad (well inconvenient) news and good news.
Jo : Absolute fab news news. Look forward to hearing about the journey for your new addition. X
Verity : Fantastic. Am very excited for you. X
Natasha : whoop whoop great news Mike xx
Terri : Hurrah!
Bridget : That is fantastic news! Here's to a long and happy partnership. Xxx
Carl : Fantastic news Mike :-):-)
Catherine : Terrific news - perseverance paid off x
Julie : Well Done!!! )
Claire : oh mike, i am absolutely chuffed for u... can i swear now ..... feckin fair play mike, great news .....
Dawn : Wow that's fantastic news!
Marissa : Marvellous - hope it all goes smoothly for you x
Catherine : What a stressful day, glad it became positive in the end and so well deserved. Think last time I saw you was when I was 14 same age my youngest are now! x
Stewart : Good news then.
Sarah : Brilliant news well done!!!!
Jenny : yay!!!
Tony : Good on you Mike.
Bev : Well done. So pleased for you
Angela : Excellent news. I'm so pleased for you. I'm now going to dance round the kitchen singing Happy x
Claire : Wonderful news! So pleased for you x
Raz : Congrats bud!
Charlotte : Great news! Congratulations! I'll look forward to seeing pictures. X
Justine : Wonderful news Mike! Lots of pictures please!
Kate : Awesome! BSL and Doggie!
Claire : Coolio x
Elise : Brilliant news! Told you prayer worked! Love Elise and Michael x

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